CHICAGO – To recruit and retain quality educators at city schools, Chicago Public Schools will receive a $200,000 grant from the Illinois State Board of Education to support teacher residencies, Assistant Majority Leader Iris Y. Martinez (D-Chicago) announced Thursday.
“Although teachers have always played a vital role in our communities by educating our youth, we’ve really seen a wave of appreciation and support due to the extra sacrifices and hard work educators have exhibited during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Martinez said. “Encouraging more people to join the teaching profession and investing in residency programs is an important step to offer the opportunity to inspired, educated individuals considering making a career change.”
Teacher residency programs offer an alternative to the traditional teacher preparation experience. In partnership with state-recognized higher education institutions that have approved teacher preparation programs, residency programs provide clinical experience alongside mentor teachers, while also providing additional staffing in high-need areas.
ISBE is accepting applications for the next round of Teacher Residency Planning Grants. The grant application is open to local education agencies that serve high numbers of students of color or low-income students, or have a high demand for new teachers.
Interested applicants can learn more about the grants and apply here.
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CHICAGO – In recognition of the vast economic devastation the COVID-19 outbreak continues to have on underserved communities, Assistant Majority Leader Iris Y. Martinez (D-Chicago) is relieved by the investments made for students, business owners and seniors in next year’s budget, which the governor signed into law Wednesday.

“Because of our state’s current fiscal responsibilities, this budget recognizes Illinois’ commitment to funding essential services for students, employees and seniors,” Martinez said. “By providing vital resources, the state is supporting our residents who need the most help in response to the pandemic.”

The FY 21 budget:

  • Continues to fulfill the state’s commitment to fully fund P-12 and higher education, with an additional $12.7 million going to the Illinois State Board of Education,
  • Appropriates over $600 million in funding for businesses impacted by COVID-19, with grants and other resources specifically for daycare providers and underserved communities,
  • Provides an additional $201.7 million to the Illinois Department on Aging and $28 million in new money to the Community Care Program, which supports seniors who live independently in their homes, and
  • Allocated an additional $32 million in funding for services to immigrant welcoming centers to help recent immigrants get the COVID-19-related help they need.

Another priority of the Illinois Latino Legislative Caucus was passed in the FY 21 budget, which included expanding Medicaid eligibility to low-income undocumented people over 65 years old.

“Expanding Medicaid coverage to undocumented seniors is an additional resource to allow them to prioritize their health and security — not just for themselves and their families, but from financial devastation in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Martinez said. “Once testing positive, residents should only be worrying about recovery, not about the financial burden related to medical bills.”

In addition, the budget appropriates nearly $60 million in funding to the Department of Employment Security to address the challenges with the unemployment system, allowing the department to hire more staff for assistance on claims.

The FY 21 budget is effective July 1, 2020.

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teaching for racial justiceCHICAGO – To advocate against racial injustices creating hardships for communities of color, Assistant Majority Leader Iris Y. Martinez (D-Chicago) joined members of the Illinois Black and Latino Coalition at a rally Thursday and released the following statement:

“In memory of the many lives tragically lost and affected by racial violence, I stand in strong support of introducing and enacting meaningful reform to further protect black and brown lives from police brutality, racial profiling and other discriminatory acts people have grown too accustomed to. In order to condemn racism in its many forms, we must be united to invoke change in our broken economic, health care and criminal justice systems.”

Martínez se une a colegas legisladores en la batalla contra la injusticia racial

CHICAGO – Para luchar en contra de las injusticias raciales que generan adversidad entre las comunidades minoritarias, la Líder Asistente a la Mayoría del Senado de Illinois, Iris Y.  Martínez (D-Chicago), participó con miembros de los caucus latinos y afroamericanos en un evento este jueves y dio a conocer la siguiente declaración:

“En memoria de las múltiples vidas que se han perdido trágicamente o que han sido afectadas por la violencia racial, me uno con un apoyo decidido para presentar e implementar reformas y medidas significativas que protejan a residentes afroamericanos y latinos de la brutalidad policiaca, perfiles raciales y otros actos discriminatorios que la gente encuentra cotidianos. Para condenar el racismo en sus múltiples manifestaciones, debemos unirnos para pedir cambios a los sistemas económico, salud y de justicia que son disfuncionales.”

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latino caucusCHICAGO – The Illinois Legislative Latino Caucus released the following statement in response to the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police:

“In solidarity with the Black community, we hold grief in our hearts over the murder of George Floyd, and the many other lives lost to racist violence. Communities of color are under attack nationwide, as the president has consistently demonstrated contempt for immigrant and non-White families. We must acknowledge that systemic racism manifests itself in brutal and agonizing ways within our economic, health care and criminal justice systems. And whatever our race, we must stand together to condemn racism in all its forms, demand accountability from police militarization which has only heightened fear in communities they are supposed to serve, and fundamentally change this tragically broken system.

“As we continue to process grief and anger, the Latino Caucus stands strong with our colleagues in the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus and with all people of color in the fight against racial injustice.”

CHICAGO – El Caucus Legislativo Latino de Illinois da a conocer la siguiente declaración en respuesta al asesinato de George Floyd a manos de la policía de Minneapolis:

“En solidaridad con la comunidad afroamericana, tenemos el corazón de luto por el asesinato de George Floyd, y las muchas otras vidas perdidas ante la violencia racista. Las comunidades de color están bajo ataque en todo el país, al tiempo que el presidente de los Estados Unidos ha demostrado un desdén constante por los inmigrantes y las familias que no son blancas. Debemos reconocer que el racismo sistemático se manifiesta en formas brutales y agonizantes en nuestros sistemas económico, de salud y justicia. Cualquiera que sea nuestra raza, debemos permanecer unidos para condenar el racismo en todas sus formas, exigir rendición de cuentas a la militarización de la policía que sólo ha intensificado el temor entre las comunidades que se supone deben servir, y que cambia fundamentalmente este sistema fallido.

“Mientras procesamos el enojo y el duelo, el Caucus Latino se levanta en solidaridad con nuestros colegas del Caucus Legislativo Afroamericano de Illinois y con toda la gente de color en la lucha en contra de la injusticia racial.”

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