Senate Democrats react to Trumps First WeekSenate Democrats reacted to some of President Donald Trump’s more controversial acts during his first week in the White House, including a vow to “send in the Feds” to deal with the Chicago gun violence and an executive order targeting sanctuary cities.

Senate Majority Caucus Whip Iris Y. Martinez of Chicago expressed disappointment in Gov. Bruce Rauner for failing to acknowledge the president’s anti-immigration plans in Wednesday’s state of the state address.

“If the governor would stand up for his constituents instead of remaining silent about Trump’s immigration plans, the people of Illinois would be better off,” Martinez said.

Evanston, Chicago and other Illinois cities are doing the right thing in vowing to stand strong against President Donald Trump’s efforts to shame and coerce them for offering sanctuary to immigrants, state Senator Daniel Biss said.

“President Trump’s actions this week are further evidence that he lacks a moral compass,” said Biss, an Evanston Democrat, in denouncing the president’s executive order pledging to strip federal funding from sanctuary cities around the nation.

Senator Patricia Van Pelt of Chicago sharply criticized Rauner for his comments on Chicago in the wake of Trump’s incendiary tweets about the city’s gun violence.

“Gov. Rauner may have touted his work on criminal justice reform, but his recent comments calling Chicago the murder capital and his refusal to stand up to President Trump, rather than actually investing in programs that would help reduce crime in Chicago, speaks volumes,” she said.

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