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Today is a historic day in which we remember one of our nation’s most prized civil right activists Dr. Martian Luther King Jr. Dr. King paved the road for circumventing racial inequalities that existed in our culture. The message of non-violence that Dr. King preached was exemplified by marches and peaceful sit-ins that Dr. King and his organization of freedom fighter facilitated. The method Dr. King practice to ensure the goal of equality for all races embodied the goal of democracy. Dr. King’s use of community outreach and diplomacy are still used today to fight social and economic inequality. As a community, we must continue working together to dissolve barriers dividing our communities.



As the 2012 legislative session approaches, I look forward to applying Dr. King’s balanced approach to social and economic justice. I look forward to this year’s legislative session as we gear up to take on critical issues that will affect the state.

Our state is still struggling through uphill journey towards economic recovery, but with bipartisan efforts and overcoming our political differences we will achieve economic prosperity. Dr. King was a living example of how Illinois needs to attack economic equality.

I look forward to representing you during the upcoming legislative session. I invite you to visit my legislative website at to remain current on my legislative initiatives and how they will affect residents of the 20th Legislative District.


State Senator Iris Y. Martinez

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Martinez Wants to Encourage Seniors to Consider
Senior Health Insurance Program

Chicago, IL- Though our state continues to face one the worst economic downfalls in decades, there are programs that can assist seniors coping with the rising costs of healthcare. The Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is providing free individual insurance counseling services at sites around Illinois.

“This free health insurance counseling program will help seniors struggling with healthcare cost, learn about programs that can offset expenses, and sustain their standard of living,” Senator Iris Y. Martinez said.

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 Martinez Meets with Students from ASPIRA for Annual Tech Day


Recently, Senator Iris Y. Martinez (D-Chicago) met with a group of students from ASPIRA. The group came down for their annual tech day at the State Capitol in which schools and other educational organizations from around the Illinois come to present technology-related projects they created during the school year.

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